May 22, 2018

[R10,000] Glock 26 & Accessories

Glock 26 Gen 4 in very good condition, comes with the following:

• 4 x (+1) G26 mags (ammo in photo not included)
• 1 x G19 mag (ammo in photo not included)
• Daniel’s Holsters IWB holster
• Daniel’s Holsters OWB holster
• The Well Armed Woman IWB holster
• The Well Armed Woman ‘On the Waistband’ holster
• Ankle holster
• Sticky holster
• Daniel’s Holsters trigger guard
• Daniel’s Holsters verticle mag pouch
• Carter Kustom Carry Solutions horizontal mag pouch
• Army Ant General holster
• Bed holster
• Rescomp Handgun Technologies front & rear sights (installed)
• Original Glock sights
• Army Ant EDC belt (Size 32/34, velcro adjustable)
• CR Speed EDC belt (Size 36, velcro adjustable)
• Daniel’s Holsters Cobra EDC belt (Size 36, velcro adjustable)
• Lethal Lace regular length universal holster
• Sticky thigh rig (for use with Sticky holster)

Everything together is valued at R22,538

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